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We are promoting voluntary work as a form of professional activization.

Our main objective is to prevent social exclusion, so we are active in many areas:

  • hospitals
  • education
  • sport
  • culture and art
  • social welfare centers
  • ecology and animals
  • social exclusion (the disabled, the sick, the elderly, the unemployed, the homeless, the lonely)
  • business sector.

We are professionally preparing people who want to be volunteers or volunteer coordinators. We are spreading the knowledge and raising awareness about volunteering in local environment. We want to show unlimited benefits of being a volunteer. We choose the activities for the preferences, expectations and abilities of volunteers.

In “Centerko” we also have two volunteer’s groups: Go Pomost! and Akcja-Animacja! The first one is a dance group, since 2007 this team has been preparing dance performances. Positive energy and passion for dancing become noticed, volunteers are often invited to perform during local events. The second group provides acitivites mostly for kids during festivals, events; volunteers offer face painting, soap bubbles, educational games etc.

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How can you contact with us?

Write on: kontakt@centerko.org

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