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Local voluntary work agency promoting voluntary work as a form of professional activization.

Our main objective is to prevent social exclusion and marginalization through being active in many different fields:

  • hospitals and hospices
  • homeless
  • voluntary work 50+ (seniors clubs and University of the Third Age)
  • refugees and foreigners
  • disabled (integrational voluntary work)
  • youth (Scool Voluntary Work Clubs)
  • business sector (professional voluntary work)
  • OPS (voluntary work in the Social Services Office)

We want to be present wherever help is needed. We want to carry out the voluntary work mission among the disfavoured and integrate all social groups.

Our goals and tasks:

  • continuous recrutation of people and organisations
  • finding voluntary work places that are matched to workers’ individual abilities and skills
  • voluntary work training
  • directing voluntary workers’ to appropriate organizations
  • voluntary work coordination during cultural events organised in our district
  • supporting voluntary workers during their assignments
  • monitoring the cooperation between our agency and institutions using our service
  • promoting voluntary work and it’s mission.

The role of Voluntary Work Agency is to match the appropriate assignements to workers’ preferences, expectations, experience, motivation and abilities. We offer a wide variety od assignements including office work, organising conferences and events, cultural animations, organising childrens’ activities but also legal and accounting help and preparing website materials.


Our vision is to seek out people willing to do voluntary work, recruit and train them, support them in their development and training to gain new skills that will help them to act professionally in the field of social initiatives.
Through propagation and promotion of woluntary work ideals we aim to reach out to different social groups, and we especially wish to activate and integrate people in danger of social exclusion. We are open to partnership, experience exchange and novel solutions.

The mission of „Centerko” is to activate and integrate people in danger of social exclusion, especially people with psychic disabilities. We recruit people willing to do woluntary work and seek out institutions and organisations in need of their services.
Our ideology is: „By helping others, we help ourselves”.


  • organisation of trainings, workshops and thematic meetings concerning woluntary work activities
  • inspections and monitoring of woluntary work
  • taking part in activities and events
  • managment of the dance art group „Go Pomost!”.

GO POMOST! Volunteers Dance Group

The history of the dancing band
The dancing band „Go Pomost!” came into existence in 2007 thanks to initiative of Mariusz Kołodziejski – an occupational therapist and a small group of youth people attending the dance workshops which had been led (twice a week) by Mariusz in „Pomost” Association.
„Go Pomost!” had their debut performance at stage during summer „Artistic Workshops” in 5th Social Welfare Home (SWH) of J. Szustrowa in Łódź, where each participated institution could present their own workshops using any discipline of art (music, vividness, literature and poetry, sports, sing or dance). „Pomost” prepared sample of choreotherapy with use of trendy elements of modern dance and salsa. As it turned out it was bull?s eye! The band received award in the form of the „Jolly Dachshund” of the workshops and made oneself liked by one of the greatest cultural – artistic activist and manager of occasional therapy department – Mr. Stanisław Średziński, who from the very beginning has noticed positive energy and great deal of talent in dancing young people.
The cooperation has resulted with further performances. „Go Pomost!” began to practice more and prepare new choreography and physical exercises based on such kind of dance as salsa, hip-hop, afro, funky, even jazz and modern dance.
Performances in Dąbrowa Club – branch of the Youth Culture Centre (YCC) have delivered further enthusiasts of band’s activities and made the band recognizable among local environment as well as eagerly invited to the local events. At that time there was lack of something new, breeze of energy and spontaneity in artistic shows and exactly these things were delivered by „Go Pomost!” who quickly filled the missing gap.
From that moment, except songs, paratheatrical and literary shows, the dance with participation of „Pomost” young people begun to appear. Everybody enjoyed it so much, that wanted to learn something from Mariusz and his group so they inquired for this kind of workshops at their own places to implement similar elements to their classes and therapeutic programs. In short period of time the workshops appeared in the 5th SWH (memorable every week meetings „Seniorada”), YCC, the 4th SWH and in schools and other centers which submitted similar request. After summer holidays, the same year, the works moved with the great deal of vigor. The band in enlarged team was preparing to show during the 10th International Festival of Omnifarious Arts, and by Mariusz’s side Anna Bilska has appeared. She was presenter and his dancing partner who until this moment has worked in the Association as a volunteer.
Thanks to company „PPHU Karol” „Go Pomost!” took part in their first own uniforms ? shirts with band?s logo. There were no doubt – having this preparation success was surefire!
And really, „Grand Prix” of the Festival and words of appreciation mobilized the band to more intensive work. Except that, there was established cooperation with Municipal Kindergarten nr 208, where few band members carried on classes every week.
Year of 2008 for the band was success story originated with common performances with integration cabaret „Let’s talk about…” and co-organisation of „Artistic Spring” during which special classes were prepared under the supervision of Ania. Range of undertaken activities with charity-artistic character and growing group of interested people, with tremendous support of Association’s Board, especially its president Ms. Ewa Nowaczyńska (at that time Kaczyńska) resulted, that on the 1st April the Volunteer Recruitment Section (VRS) „Centerko” by the „Pomost” Association came into existence. Its manager became Mariusz Kołodziejski.
Nowadays the young people appear officially as volunteers of VRS – part of them in dancing band and some of them in chosen institution and function. The additional (third) activities were implemented, for which Paulina Wasikowska is responsible. She is a volunteer and a student of „Project Salsa” dance school. The new challenges for the group were performances during „Spartakiada”, where also were prepared special sport disciplines for pensioners, series of recitals tittled „Music in Me, in Music I” from YCC initiative or in Aleksandrów Łódzki where „Go Pomost!” presented choreotherapy workshops during „We Are” event. Except above events, the team honored with their participation as follows: Review of Artic Creation „My Arts – My Life” in BOK „Rondo”, event „Pyramid of Good Will” at Schiller’s Passage, „Artistic Workshops” in the 5th SWH, fest „Let’s enjoy the life” in SWH „Heart”, „Fest at Lokatoska St.” in YCC and „Meeting with Arts” from the occasion of 8th anniversary of „Pomost” Association.
Talent of the team also were noticed by Ms. Sylwia Maszewska – soloist and primadonna of the Great Theatre, who invited two dancers to her spectacle „Alice in Wonderland”. Its premiere took place on 21st June in the New Theatre. All achievements and increasingly success pushed the team to the next step which was presentation their talent outside of Łódź. During summer holidays the band visited twice the House of Culture in Kutno where during the contest „And You may become a Star” show their class. And during „Summer music – artistic impressions” in Ustronie the band proved that they had no equal one.
In the same time Marta Andrzejewska joined the „Go Pomost!” and her task is to take care of scenic image and characterization for particular choreography. On the 14th September the band with its power greater than ever, decides to honor with its performance the event „Schizophrenia – open the door” in Manufaktura. Except the show at the stage, also „Dance Zone” – the outdoor workshops for passerby with elements of salsa and afro were prepared. At the Autumn the band organizes more cameral performances in cooperation YCC during recitals of Magda Rybak, Kasia Popowska and on occasion of Senior’s Day as well.
Dancing year is closed by artistic form review during the 9th Festival of Omnifarious Arts at which volunteers of VRS „Go Pomost!” again are awarded with Grand Prix for cultural – artistic activity. From that occasion new choreography and new images of the band members were presented as well as special night with „Pomost” for which Anna and Mariusz prepared attractive surprises for coming guest. This time uniforms for „Go Pomost!” were sponsored by Pfizer Polska. The uniforms were adapted for the festival need by Aneta Szustak who from the very beginning helped in preparations to particular shows supporting undertaken enterprises and initiatives.
Year 2009 consisted of activities focused on work with children such as workshops and help during winters holidays (YCC, Elementary School (ES) nr 64, ES nr 173, SOSW nr 3, NEO). Come back of the band in the new team and with new image took place on 20th March during solemn meeting „Extraordinary Women” at which „Go Pomost!” preformed by side of Daniela Zabłocka and the dancing band „Cabaret 130” of Ilona Stasiak – Żurecka. After Marta had left the band Joanna Cabała (a trainee) is responsible for stage image. From the occasion of the 1st anniversary of „Centerko” and its 1st official year of operating, the band showed their organizational hand by preparing artistic show for this opportunity at which except choreography, the guests could see a multimedia presentation including film about „Go Pomost!”, take part in salsa dance workshops and integrate during cocktail party at which also birthday cake was present. In the same year volunteers could have been watched in their in musical, theatrical and even film amateur productions.
Nowadays „Go Pomost!” is recognizable and popular group among their local Envinronment.
The band is famous of their enthusiasm, energy and joy with which they willingly share to the others.
The team consists of dance fans and age, gender, education, material position or health condition have no meaning! Important is integration and mutual passion to this kind of activity. „Go Pomost!” permanently meets warm and positive reception and range of their operation and the extent of difficulty in choreography in shows are at increasing level.


If you would like to join the team:

  • Write to us and attend the classes: kontakt@centerko.org

    If you would like the team to support your initiative or social action, do not hesistate to contact team leader and book the date of performance – Mariusz Kołodziejski, tel.: 513102508.
    The band do not charge for their performances and workshops. They are focused on social actions and their performances have charitable – volunteer character. Yet, for performance, the band counts for board and transport of participants

  • If you would like to support Go Pomost!:

    You could give us gadgets, material for clothes which will be useful during our shows.
    Financial support is kindly welcomed. Thanks to it „Go Pomost!” will get chance for further growth and opportunity of making pleasant time of the organization members. From their side, the band is obliged to place a piece of information about support at their own website, prepare official acknowledgments and present company’s logo during show (for example on given clothes or uniforms).